Jet Airways Kuwait Arrival Time

On Friday 12 July 2013 London Heathrow airport’s 2 runways were closed to incoming traffic as a result of a fire on an Ethiopian Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. As a result of this brief closure, a number of aircraft were forced to divert. This video captures many of those diverted to London Stansted, subsequently departing. The diversions made for a very nice scene at STN with many more aircraft types, and liveries than we are used to.

The video includes Jet Airways of India, Boeing 777-300 VT-JEK, Kuwait AIrways Airbus A340 9K-ANB, British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-CIVA, BA Airbus A320’s and A319’s including G-EUPG in the Golden Dove livery. Also an Scandinavian SAS A320 OY-KAO mixed in with other regular STN Traffic.

I hope you enjoy the diversity.

25 thoughts on “Jet Airways Kuwait Arrival Time

  1. bananamanuk

    Big jet diversions from LHR to STN incl. Jet Airways India 777-300, Kuwait
    Air A340, BA 747 & SAS.

  2. bananamanuk

    Hello MidwayCastaway thanks a lot for watching and for being the first to
    comment on my London Heathrow to London Stansted diversions. I appreciate
    it. Best wishes.

  3. Elliot jelliot

    Luckily for my dad, his plane was part of the last cluster of aircraft to
    land at Heathrow before runway closure. Also it was a very good video 😀

  4. abdur timol

    Excellent video banana ma uk 😀 But which runway did Ethiopian Airlines
    land on and why was the other one closed?

  5. bananamanuk

    Thank you. All of my videos have some kind of title sequence; part of my
    creative efforts. Sorry my videos are not to your liking.

  6. bananamanuk

    Hello Matt thanks for watching and for your very kind comment 🙂 I’ve not
    given up on Candy Crush – hence why I am so slow at responding to all of
    the comments people have so kindly left. (level 70 and stuck now!) best

  7. bananamanuk

    Hello Ger Dooley thanks very much for watching my video from Stansted
    Airport with the diversions from Heathrow I’m pleased you enjoyed it and
    I’m even more pleased to have another follower from beautiful Ireland.
    Thank you

  8. bananamanuk

    Hello Ger Dooley thanks very much for watching my video from Stansted
    Airport with the diversions from Heathrow I’m pleased you enjoyed it and
    I’m even more pleased to have another follower from beautiful Ireland.
    Thank you

  9. bananamanuk

    Thanks a lot Shamrock1975, I’ve tried the panning shots before, they have
    worked when I can catch up to something like an aircraft taking off, but
    have never worked trying to capture so much going on as usually one end of
    the airport is orange and the other blue / yellow so doesn’t make for very
    interesting viewing. This time it was very different. I’m pleased it came
    out, and glad you enjoyed it.

  10. bananamanuk

    You are very kind Cesar, thank you for your support, for watching and
    commenting on my videos I do appreciate it.

  11. bananamanuk

    Hello Airaction2257 thank you for continuing to watch and comment on my
    videos I appreciate it very much it’s nice to know you enjoy them. Most of
    what I do, and the events I capture really are pure luck or hearing of
    something like on the news about the Ethopian 787 fire and runways at LHR
    closed, my immediate thoughts go to possible diversions as LHR is always so
    full, any delay usually results in diversions.. hence this vid 🙂 thanks

  12. bananamanuk

    When a diversion takes place the airlines’ responsibility is to get
    passengers to their destination. In this case it’s likely they would have
    been transferred to LHR by bus. If something similar happened further
    afield, more likely they would be rebooked on a later flight or transferred
    to another airline.

  13. David Burkett

    Liked the FedEx boys waving at the BA 747…… I work there but couldn’t
    work out who it was but none the less was entertaining!! Great Vid, and
    love the spot you filmed from, best place in south of England to watch at
    an Airport in my opinion. Easy to park and left alone to watch for as long
    as you want!!

  14. bananamanuk

    Hello David thanks for your message on my Heathrow Diversions vid. I’m
    really pleased you enjoyed it, and agreed it was nice seeing the FedEx
    people waving! STN is a good place in some regards that you’ve mentioned.
    But like everywhere there are difficulties too – the fence being so high
    makes photography challenging without a ladder, and the general lack of
    variety can make it pretty dull at times… however I do agree with your
    sentiements generally. Thanks again for watching, I appreciate it.

  15. bananamanuk

    Hello Allan, my favourite video? that’s a tough one. My first video of TWA
    was probably the one I had most passion over and the one I learnt most
    from. Aside from that, I guess each one brings me something slightly
    different, e.g. a new aircraft type, a new location, a new style of filming
    or editing technique, a new first. It’s a really hard question I don’t know
    that I have a favourite, more of a selection of different things. In any
    case, I am rarely happy with my videos!!


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