Jet Airways Kuwait Office Address

OMG! Did this Tsunami of sand roll in fast. It actually blocked out the sun. The storm lasted for over 5 hours. Weather reports had it at over a thousand feet high. This storm didn’t just roll through Camp Buehring, it made it’s way to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar too.

25 thoughts on “Jet Airways Kuwait Office Address

  1. rmr1967

    I just think it’s cool how the camera is struggling to draw light in and
    can’t, so it slowly pixelates to black.

  2. Hisham Ayyash

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience!! You thought it as a joke, but it was
    so fucking real, ain’t?

  3. RadioA2Z

    holy shit man! it turned day into night within seconds! thats so crazy a
    sand storm packs that thick of a punch

  4. Atta Hayat

    I was in storm once long back around 2004 but Its cool just wait for a
    while when u driving then move on ….


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