Jazeera Airways

The State of Kuwait has Kuwait Airways one of the eldest airlines in the gulf as well as the more recent LCC Jazeera Airways and the newest premium airline Alwataniya Aiways. Enjoy. Please rate and comment.
pictures from airliners(dot)net and jetphotos(dot)net
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16 thoughts on “Jazeera Airways

  1. MsF148

    ya wataniya airways is sooo good,,also they have 96 seats and it should get
    140 seats for a320!! but they made it 96 for free space:) my father is
    manager in it!!1

  2. hmasurg

    It’s a premium airline, sounds like a treat to fly with. I hope they fly to
    RUH soon. Thanx for watching and commenting.


    @hmasurg 100% for these video and i had just uploaded my flight from
    bahrain to kuwait on jazeera airways hope you like it


    @hmasurg now i know why you didnt found KU’s 77W A330 and A346 because KU’s
    First 77W came in spet 2010 and the A330 came at july 2010 but the A346
    came in dec 2010 about year from you video 😛 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. flany1960

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