Kuwait Airport Taxi

wataniya airways taxi and take off from kuwait airport you can see Thai airways A340-500 Kuwait airways A300-600 saudi airways MD-90

25 thoughts on “Kuwait Airport Taxi

  1. planecrazy20

    yea, i never knew there could ever be this much traffic at KWI :p i never
    saw a takeoff line-up at KWI before :p

  2. marcus brawner

    feel sorry for the ppl on the planes that always flew INTO kuwait or iraq
    but envied the only that where leaving

  3. mgs1fan1193

    I’m going on a trip on May 25 and I’m going to have to stay at Kuwait
    airport for a few hours, my question is are there a lot of things to do
    there to pass time? —-Thanks

  4. daniel.aguirre

    I love Kuwait! People just don’t know! The people and culture is great! All
    americans should stop by and visit to eliminate their misconceptions!

  5. m J

    I meant, For a Busy airport and a single runways in operation, Wataniya
    took so long to get its full thrust for the take off run

  6. CJ737

    cool video! can anyone tell me whats that starnge sound that one can always
    hear when an A320 takes of..like the sound of windshield wipers! ??


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