Kuwait Airways

Kuwait’s Queen departs Heathrow on a wet runway – Need I say more?

13 thoughts on “Kuwait Airways

  1. Starboard76

    Another homerun with a 747 that is tops in request to be videotaped! Very
    happy you captured this rare beauty! Thanks again!

  2. MrFlashjet

    Many thanks SB. We are quite lucky here ,this has been to Heathrow several
    times this year – but she is a rare beauty . Interestingly when I mention
    that this plane is in at LHR to my fellow spotters ,it’s usually met with
    very little interest – luckily for all of you I love this baby!!!! – I
    tracked her for weeks to get this shot – it was definitely worth it!!

  3. Starboard76

    Many of us who are very into the rare stuff are indeed lucky to have you
    ‘keep guard & tracking’! I for one, really appreciate the effort you make
    in bringing all this!

  4. hmasurg

    The elusive KU 744!! i guess if she’s to be cought, it must as well be at
    Heathrow.. a wonderful un-rushed encounter!!.. if you had told me I would
    have flown from RUH just to join you in this magical moment. a true gem

  5. hmasurg

    By the way i have been told by a close friend that KU is planning to retire
    this only 744 and replace her with a VIP A345 which is all ready and parked
    somewhere in Kuwait or Europe.

  6. MrFlashjet

    Thanks hmasurg, I’m glad you mentioned unrushed, when editing I’m always a
    bit conscious of how much footage to include – we live in an internet age
    where everything seems to need to be quick (clips etc..)- but I try to
    think of people in the future watching these great planes of now. They will
    want to savour every moment – like we do with 707’s ,Trident’s VC-10’s
    etc.. That’s why you get the full 7 minutes- with sound up !!! (I hope!!)

  7. MrFlashjet

    Wow , yes indeed , Kuwait have not one but two A345’s waiting to activated
    – I believe they are in France as we speak, all ready to go (They were
    painted in 2010) so hopefully Kuwait will still want them. If the jumbo
    does go (and I don’t want to sound too sure of myself here) then surely
    this video will be the definitive record of this great aircraft!!

  8. MrFlashjet

    My pleasure , I, like you and others ,do this (posting on the internet) so
    that , hopefully some young kid in the future will see (and fall in love )
    with the great airliners of today. Like we look back with fondness at the
    great airliners of yesteryear.

  9. Starboard76

    True..and in hopes of some older aviation fan who has a hidden box of 8mm &
    16mm footage from yesteryear but afraid to death of computers (in hopes
    he’ll seek assistance in posting).


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