Kuwait Airways Online Booking

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This video is from the KUWAIT AIRWAYS Fleet DVD!

25 thoughts on “Kuwait Airways Online Booking

  1. 1squeez

    Kuwait Airways is one of the best carriers in the world. Great schedules
    into Beirut. Service is great and very professional.

  2. bgm1958

    As a mechanic I really liked the part in the maintenance hangar. I’d love
    to see more nuts and bolts and talking to the mechanics scenes.

  3. ADEL3330

    great job kuwait airways! im working towards my commercial pilot license
    and i plane to go back to kuwait to fly for kuwait airways.

  4. warminator

    Another great video. Just planes do a great job of harmonizing a
    compilation of introducing the crews, aircraft, cabin service, flight
    operation & maintainance. Always looking forward for more.

  5. 3zooz48

    best regard to Kuwait airways wishing all the best to this magnificent
    airline that has been the first in the Arabian gulf <3


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