Kuwait Airways Crew members

6 thoughts on “KuwaitAirways

  1. djepje

    What a great video. Great pictures and songs. My father used to be a Kuwait
    airways member in those days. He has many such photos which look like great
    fun! thank you for sharing!

  2. Orlando Di Pietro

    Thank you for your kind comment, its good to know that this video will
    serve all our past friends to relive those beautiful memories. By the way
    there is a KAC Pioneer group still very active via Face book, we are all in
    contact with each other, please let me know your dad name also if he wants
    to get in touch with us let me know. God bless

  3. Aman Aman

    Just found this lovely tube. Thanks a lot for the effort I am from ground
    handling but a lot of good faces brings up sweet memories of the good old


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